Soft Play

Junior Play Area – our multi-tiered play structure designed with over 5s in mind is featuring twin lane slide, spiral slide, hamster wheel, trampoline, log ramps, spider webs and many more.

Baby and Toddler Play Area – we know how difficult it can be to keep the babies and toddlers occupied at busy play centres and to stop them from following the older children to the bigger area. Our Baby and Toddler play structure is located away from the junior play frame. Keeping the younger children entertained and safe.

Play Town

Imagination- driven play builds the young child’s developmental skills. Pretend play encourages imagination and creativity and helps to improve language and communication skills. But most importantly CHILDREN LOVE IT! Our Play Town consists of Vets, Grocery Store, Construction Area and a Mini Theatre, where your child will be able to dress up, play instruments and perform on a mini stage.

Creative Area

As Pablo Picasso said “Every child is and artist”. Here at Sea Life Play Centre we encourage your child to paint, decoupage, colour, etc. Sea Life Play Centre also features a rich daily programme of craft sessions, Messy Play, story time and song time. Of course all of these are included in the entry price.

Here at Sea Life Play Centre we believe that your youngster should get the possible opportunities for development. That’s why all our activities are designed not just great fun but also developing in all kinds of our ways! That’s why we’ve incorporated three separate activities into play centre.